Volume 2 | No. 2 | January 2018 | ISSN: 2456-5571

Table of Contents
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1 A Study on Customer Relationship Management at Banks: An Empirical Study in Madurai District B.Ramdiwakar
Dr.C.Jothi Baskara Mohan
2 Portrayal of Politics in the History of Indian English Literature Dr.V.Thillaikkarasi
3 Social Stigma and Discrimination towards Transgender Dr.P.Veeramani
4 Effect of ASAP Foundation Course on the Acquisition of English Language among Higher Secondary Students in North Kerala PT. Siddeeque
Dr. CK. Ahammed
5 The Concept of Imaginary Homeland in the Works of Indo-Caribbean Writers Manimangai Mani
6 The Study on Women Development Programmes in Rural Areas V.R.Thirunavukkarasu
7 Dispersal and Rehabilitation of the Refugees from West Pakistan Prof.Hema Ravi Pinjani
8 Understanding Teaching C. Ramakrishnan
9 Role of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (Mall) for the English Language Learning: An Analysis G.Sunkanna
10 These Days and Those Days: An Eco Critical Study of the Hairy Ape Dr.S.Abdullah Shah
11 The Carnivalesque in Women Centric Comedies Varada K.Rajendran
12 Transitional Identity in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters F.A.Binu Josy
13 Disease as a Form of Oppression in Octavia Butler’s “The Evening and the Morning and the Night” S.Lavanya
14 Hope towards Apocalypse: A Critical Study of Cormac Mccarthy’s Dystopian Fiction The Road M.Rajalakshmi
15 Enhancing Soft Skills for Engineering Students: A Practical Approach Y.Aneel
16 Struggle for Existence: A Critical Study on Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things Dr.J.V.Jeeva
17 A Feminist Reading of Bapsi Sidhwa’s The Pakistani Bride Dr.J.V.Jeeva & Mrs.N.A.Prabha Pitchai
18 Conflicting Paradigms of the Patriarchal and Liberated Selves in the Devotional Poems of Mirabai Dr.Raji B.Nair
19 Development of High Fibre Noodles thought Incorporation of Varagu and Samai B.AmeenaBeebi
20 Ethics of Christianity in Postmodern Society John J Jesudasan
21 Impact of “Training Programme on Effective Teaching” on the Knowledge of Faculty from Arts and Science Colleges in Tamilnadu Mrs.T.Johncy Devanesam
Dr.Mrs.Nithila Devakarunyam
22 A Study on the Online Social Etiquette of Higher Secondary School Students Mrs. Joan Latha Shalini
23 Preaching as the Southern Protestant Sacrament: A Study with Reference to Flannery O’connor’s Novels K. Alexander
Dr. B.R. Veeramani
24 Cultural Clash as a Powerful Force in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Novel The Mistress of Spices B. Suma Suresh
25 Influence of Selected Factors in Educational Opportunities Among Women in Higher Education M.Prabha
26 Health Decentralizations Functioning of the Different Health Standing Committees in Panchyati Raj System in Karnataka Dr.D.C.Nanjunda
27 Vibrational and Optical Studies on Ammonium Nitrate Dispersed Tri-Blend Polymer Electrolytes A.Jayalakshmi
28 Divinity in Man in Tagore’s Gitanjali E.Geo Pragatha
Dr. P. Premalatha
29 Ethnicity and Displacement in Multicultural Societies: Looking for the Roots in M.G.Vassanji’s the Magic of Saida Hussein Ali Abbas
Manimangai Mani
30 Impact of Gulf Migration on Social Development of Muslim Community in Kerala Dr.A.Balakrishnan
Mohammed Ashraf Cheethanapuravan
31 Development of Emotional Intelligence in Prospective Teachers Mrs.S.Jerslin
32 Indian Diaspora as Cultural Diaspora With Reference to Manju Kapur’s The Immigrant and Bharati Mukherjee’s Desirable Daughters Joshua Daniel Bulla
Dr.G.Chenna Reddy
33 Factors Motivating First - Generation Entrepreneurs to Start New Business Dr.T.Nagananthi
34 Goods and Service Tax a Milestone in Indian History of Taxation Aroquiadasse Rayappin
35 ‘One’s Land Is Like One’s Flesh and Blood’: An Analysation of Punyakante Wijenaike’s The Waiting Earth Prailene Palsia
36 Reading Comprehension as an Effective Technique in ESL Teaching – A Critical Study Yagani Hari Babu
37 முல்லை கலிகாட்டும் மக்கள் முனைவர் த.அமர்நாத்
38 பெருந்திணை விளக்கம் சு.காமாட்சி
முனைவர் திருமதி.ம.உமாமகேசு
39 Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Life among the Faculty Members from Selected Nursing Colleges in Madurai, Tamil Nadu Dr. R. Selvi Kumari
Dr. M. Selvi
40 Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women in Indian IT Industry A. Scholastica Sneha
D. Naveenvanan
41 Burden among Caregivers of Persons With Mental Illness: A Study among the Rural Community from Madurai East Block, Tamil Nadu Dr. M. Selvi
Dr. R. Selvi Kumari
42 An Empirical Study on Consumer Preference towards Celebrity Advertisement with Special Reference Top Jewellery Shops in Chennai Mrs. A. Kavitha
43 Convergence of Diasporic Concerns in Amitav Ghosh’s Life and in his Works Sharika Nath R
44 Metacognitive Awareness of Higher Education Student Teachers Sr. Marthal
Dr. P. Pandia Vadivu
45 Ecological Relevance of Buddhist Ethics Jyoti Pradeep Waghmare
46 Knowledge of ICT among the Faculty Members of Arts & Science College in Krishnagiri District D. Dhanaseelan
Dr. T. Prabakaran
47 Medical Security Schemes for the Textile Workers in Tirunelveli District Mrs. E. Sheela
Dr. V. Gurumoorthy
Dr. V. Darling Selvi
48 Perspective of Paternity and Masculine on the Novel The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing Dr.R.Bharathi
49 Tirunelvely Conspiracy Case – Neelakanta Brahmachari S. Jeeva Christy
50 கலித்தொகை கூறும் அறச்சிந்தனை, கற்பனை, உவமை - ஒரு பார்வை கலித்தொகை ஒரு வாழ்வியல் காவியம் கி.வீரராகவன்
பா. பிரியா
51 நெடுங்குருதியில் வேம்பர்களின் வாழ்வியல் முனைவர் ஜெ.ஜெயசுதன்
52 Problems and Opportunities of Women Entrepreneurs in India Dr.MU.Arumugam
53 Effect of Cooperative Learning on Academic Achievement of Students in Social Science at Secondary Level N.N.Prapakaran
54 Arunachaleswarar Temple at Tiruvannamalai (Tamilnadu) – An Inscriptional Study Prof.T.Ramaswamy
55 The Personality of Earnest Hemingway as Revealed in His Novels The Old Man and The Sea and A Farewell to Arms K. Jansi Rani
56 Ecofeminism in Margaret Atwood‟s Surfacing Dr. T.M.S Maideen
57 The Laws of Nature an Infallible Justice Dr.S. Jayanthi
58 பாரதிதாசன் கவிதைகளில் பொது வாழ்வில் பெண்மை இ. கிறிஸ்டியா
முனைவர். இரா. சசிகலா
59 A Study on HR Practices in Private Banking Sector S.Azhagarasi
60 A Study on Marketing of Banking Services of Co-Operative Intuitions in Palani Block of Dindigul District P.T.Rajkumar
61 A Study on Economic Analysis of Reproductive Health Care Women in Nagapattinam District Mrs.S.Packialakshmi
62 Science and Technology C.Sheela
Dr.J.Princely Isaac Christudoss
63 The Kaleidoscopic Indian Backdrop in Amit Chaudhuri Selects Novels Mrs.K.Vimala Devi
64 The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Commercial Bank Performance N.P.Sangeetha
65 கல்வியில் மாஸ்லோவின் தேவைக்கோட்பாடு : ஓர் உளவியல் நோக்கு ஐ.எல்எம். மாஹிர்
66 உளவியல் நோக்கில் சிக்மண்ட் பிறைடினது ஆளுமைக் கோட்பாடும் விமர்சனங்களும் ஐ.எல்எம். மாஹிர்
67 Design, Development and Deployment of Lighting Effect Coupled Gadget for Pest Management T.Sheeba
M. Ramani Bai
S. Paul Mary Deborrah
68 Impact on Empowerment of Weaker Section‟s through Inclusive Growth in Tamil Nadu Dr.M.James Antony
69 A Conceptual Overview of Women’s Treatment In The Writings of Sudha Murthy Dr.R.Indu Preethi
70 Effect of Anaemia on The Academic Performance of Adolescent Girls C.Helen and Dr.R.Jagan Mohan
71 Dietary Habits of Intellectually Disabled Children Attending Special Schools P.Magdalene Virjini and Dr.R.Jagan Mohan
72 Female Infanticide and Female Foeticide in India: Attempting Comprehensive Explanations Roopa Hari and R. Kumaran
73 Challenges in Imparting Technical English to the Technocrats in Engineering Colleges Dr.B.Jeyanthi
74 Thermal Analyses on Nano Carbon and Coccinia Grandis Extract Coated Solar Absorber in Laboratory and Land Conditions J.Merciline Leonora & S.Paul Mary Deborrah
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