Volume 2 | No. 3 | April 2018 | ISSN: 2456-5571

Table of Contents
S.No Article Name Authors
1 Relevance of Soft Skills at Workplace: A Study on Selected Soft Skills to Enhance Career Perspectives Mitashree Tripathy
2 Afterwards by Jaishree Misra S.Chavva Anitha
3 Corporate Governance - Is it a Legal Issues in India U.Jothimani
4 Role of “Sex” in Marriage: A Feminist Study of The Immigrant Shivali Kundal
5 Psychological Analysis of Characters in Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay’s Rajmohan’s Wife G.Vijayarenganayaki
6 Tribes of Kerala: A Case Study of Kurichyas of Kannavam Nimisha.P
7 India-Sri Lanka Relations: Changing Scenario in the Post 1990 Era Mrs.L.Vijayalakshmi
8 Escape and Discovery of New Life in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus Dr.N.Jagadeswari
M.Ayisha Begum
9 A Call for Modernization and Literacy: Vaikom Mohammed Basheer’s “Me Grand Dad ‘Ad an Elephant!” Varsha.T. R
10 Eco Feministic Analysis of the Play Madaiah The Cobbler Amrutha TV
11 Influence of Reading Comprehension Strategies on English Language Teaching at the Tertiary Level Arthi M & Dr.R.Srinivasan
12 Evolution of Risa with Special Reference to Tripuri Tribes in Tripura Lipika Bala
13 Educational Guidance and Counseling Concept and its Development Strategies Mr. Govind Singh
14 Cross Cultural Issues Depicted in Bharati Mukherjee’s Novel ‘Jasmine’ Basappa Y.Bangari
15 Few Observations on Status of Women and Women Empowerment in India Dr.Shanta Y. Bangari
16 Buddhist Monasteries in Ancient India: Religious Education and Cultivation of the Buddhist Self through the Aura of Religious Complex Dr.Pintu Kumar
17 Modern Feminism: A Contrast between Indian Traditional Values and Modern Interpretations of Women Basappa Y. Bangari
18 Impact of Farm Employment on Rural Women – A Study of Selected Villages in Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu T.Suguna
19 Effectiveness of Social Security Measures in Textile Shops Ms.E.Sheela
Dr.V.Darling Selvi
20 Market Structure and Marketing Efficiency of Paddy Cultivation in Sivagangai District R.Mayamurugan
21 Rationalisation of Emotional Intelligence through Bhagavat Gita Dr.Premalatha
22 A Perspective on Bhimireddy Narsimha Reddy’s Role in Telangana Armed Struggle (1946-51) Dr. Gugulothu Ravi
23 Case Study of Ongoing Schemes under Mgnrega at Boko (Kamrup District), Assam Dr.Sonal Mobar
Dr. N. S. R. Prasad
24 Portrayal of Death Images in the Poems of Emily Dickinson Dr.Gangadevi Sennimalai Marimuthu
25 Voices and Echoes of Women in Margaret Atwood’s Novel ‘‘The Blind Assassin’’ S.Malathi
26 The Effects of Cooperative Learning on Students’ Social Science Achievement and Attitude towards Social Science at Secondary Level N.N.Prapakaran
27 Impact of Industrial Pollution on Land, Water and Agricultural Production in Sipcot Industrial Region in Tamilnadu Dr.MU.Arumugam
28 A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour and Marketing Strategy of Milka Nutriments (P) Ltd, Erode Dr.S.Parthiban
S. Prabhavathi
29 Kabīr’s Concept of Religious Harmony Dr. Anupama D.Mujumdar
30 Women Empowerment in the Select Plays of Girish Karnad and Mahesh Dattani; A Study S.Ramesh
31 The Predicaments of Domesticity in the Select Novels of Shashi Deshpande N.Saraswathi
32 Trends in Foreign Direct Investment from Host Countries to India J.Alagiriswamy
33 Breaking Free of Shackles: Kahlil Gibran’s Perspectives on Women R.Mary Christobel
34 Indian Chick Lit: An Exploration of Supermordenity and Cultural Conflicts Deepika Jasrotia
35 Agro-based Industry in India – With Special Reference to Sugar Industry Dr.R.Ramesh Babu
Dr.E.Nixon Amirtharaj
36 Usage of PAYTM – A Study in Madurai City Dr.T.Venkatesan
37 Performance of Regional Political Parties in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Elections held between 1952 and 2016 Dr.R.Sankar
38 Transition from Stripling Life to Self-Realization in Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone Dr.D.Padmanaban
39 Racial Bias: The Destructive Force of Societal Harmony in America – A Study with Reference to the Works of Chitra Banerjee H.Mohammed Azarudeen
40 Self-Reliance and Hope of Women Characters in the Select Novel of Chitra Banerjee Divakaurin V.Kavitha
41 The Importance of Law and Justice in Aeschylus Trilogy Theoresteia R.Mythili
Dr.Aseda Fathima
42 Khushwant Singh's View on Sikh Religion K.Deepa Rajyashree
43 Language and Style of Chaman Nahal K.Deepa Rajyashree
44 A Satiric Reflections on Systems and Institution: A Nihilist Study of Select Poems of T.Vasudeva Reddy, an Indian Spiritualist Dr.R.Karthika Devi
45 Learning Analytics Model to Improve the Cognitive Ability and Pragmatics Skills of the Limited Proficiency Learners Dr.A.Bavani Rekha
46 Gender Discrimination in Manju Kapur’s Novel Home Mrs.B.Kavikashree
47 A Study on Level of Resilience among Adolescents at a Particular Matriculation School in Madurai S.Joyce Jeyarani
48 Reflection of Social Realism in Nadine Gordimer’s July’s People and My Son’s Story K.Anish
49 Depiction of Traumatic Experiences in Aminatta Forna’s The Hired Man Dr.R.Sivakumar
50 Water Pollution and its Impact on Human Health: A Study of Risk and Vulnerability Assessment with Special Reference to Sipcot Tuticorin Dr.A.Chelladurai
51 Foreign Direct Investment in Health Sector of India S.Panimaya Mercy
Dr.M.G.Vincely Jebakar
52 Satirical Undertones in Kavery Nambisan’s ‘The Scent of Pepper’ L.Jenniffer
Dr. K.Lavanya
53 Scrutiny of Codification and Retrogression in Machine Learning A.Poornima
54 ஆண்டாள் பாசுரங்களில் இறை நிலைகள் ந. கௌசல்யா
55 Rural Health Care System in Tamilnadu –Overview Mrs.R.Srimathi
56 Ecocriticism: Veneration to Nurture Nature Pansy Evangeline Victor
57 Formation to Ministers in a Multi-Faith Parish Lawrence Simon
58 The Impact of Financial Status on the Quality of English Language Learning and Teaching in India: In Marxist Perspective Saahul Mopidevi
V.Sharon Luther
59 Role of ‘Space’ in Determining ‘Power’ – A Study of Ambai’s a Kitchen in the Corner of the House S.Valarmathi
60 Chetan Bhagat’s One Night @ The Call Center: Representation of Quandary in the Contemporary Society V.Sathish
61 Disadvantages of E-Technology in Education and its Challenges Vaishali Anuj Ghodeswar
62 Identity Crisis in the Select Novels of Anita Desai Dr.P.Kamatchi
63 Spirituality: For Children’s Health-Care, Protection And Development Ms.D.M.Pallavi Manohar
64 Cost and Return analysis of Banana Cultivation among Marginal and Small Farmers in Tiruchendur Taluk, Thoothukudi District Mrs. S. Beulah
Dr. S. Henry Pandian
65 Skirmish of Indigenous Identities in the Novel of Buchi Emecheta’s The Bride Price J.Jency Prathesha
Dr.R.Margaret Joy Priscilla
66 Mortal Perfidy of Munira in NGUGI WA THIONGO’s Petals of Blood M. Adline Shami
Dr.J.Subitha Persis
67 Mystic Personality Constitution of Dilnawaz in Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy Man Raeshma Godsen
Dr.R.Margaret Joy Priscilla
68 Non Performing Assets in India an Assessment Dr.H.Sudhakara
69 அறிவு வளர்ச்சியில் சாதாரணகால விஞ்ஞானங்களும் புரட்சிக்கால விஞ்ஞானங்களும் ஐ.எல்எம்.மாஹிர்
70 The Role of the Guide in Inspiring Yogic Change Swami Viswanathan & Dr.K.S.Balasubramanian
71 மனித விருத்திக் கட்டங்களில் சமூக நடத்தையின் வகிபங்கு – ஒரு சமூக உளவியல் பகுப்பாய்வு ஐ.எல்எம்.மாஹிர்
72 Thermal Investigations on Conventional and Nano Fluids in Solar Collector R.Jesintha Rani & S.Paul Mary Deborrah
73 Caste-Based Discrimination and Marginalisation of Dalits in Tamil Nadu: A Qualitative Observation of Prevailing Discrimination in Public Sphere Dr.R.Kumaran & Roopa Hari
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