Volume 6 | No.2 | January 2022 | ISSN: 2456-5571

Table of Contents
S.No Article Name Authors
1 Domestic Co-Meals as a Social Transformation Activity of Samaj Samta Sangha (SSS) Dr.Kishor K Kajale
2 An Overview of Arthurian Literature Shinny Miyolaa SRK & Suresh Frederick
3 Refugee and Imagined Families Dr.B.V.Saraswathy
4 Towards Remediation of Intellectual Disabilities: Education, Therapeutic Services and Rehabilitation Dr.Azibur Rahman
5 Impact of Bharatanatyam on the Psychological Well Being of Practitioners - An Empirical Study S.Kanaka & Dr.Sujatha Mohan
6 From Confinement to Liberation: Ecofeminist Study on Manikarnika with Reference to 21st Century Indian Cinema Amit Kumar
7 A Study on Human Rights and Realities of Tribals’ Lives in India with Special Reference to the Palakkad District, Kerala Wilson C.A & Dr.Rajesh M
8 L’image De L’immigrante Sub-Saharienne Dans La Societe Marocaine Dans Le Roman « Le Mariage De Plaisir » De Tahar Ben Jelloun Gevin Raj Antoine
9 Carnivalesque and Subvertion of Grotesque Power Structure through Resistance: A Bakhtinian Dissection of Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner K.Nevedha Liz Gloria & S.Garret Raja Immanuel
10 Women and the Leadership Theory - A Social Psychological Approach Abishek. U & Rajkumar. G
11 Rethinking the Context of the Ethnicity of Culture, Religion and Society: Cultural Heritage; Sociological Ethics; Cross Culture and their Influences P.Nivetha
12 Writings of the Marginalized from India - Rasaathi: The Other Side of a Transgender Senthil Mithra.J
13 A Pragmatic Study on the Perspicuity with Regard to Digital Banking among Women Faculty of Bishop Heber College (Autonomous), Trichy T.P.Karpagam
14 Analysing the Tenacity of Classroom Teaching And E-Teaching: A Comparison R.Esther Deva Mary
15 A Tale from Prachi Valley Sarita Dash
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