Volume 6 | No.1 | October 2021 | ISSN: 2456-5571

Table of Contents
S.No Article Name Authors
1 Gandhism and Present Scenario of Education in India Dr.Jagdish Chhaburao Sonawane
2 Multiperspectivity in the Movies Badla and Evaru Dr.Deepa Mary Francis
3 Illuminating Women’s Oppression in Indian Society through Select Hindi Cinema Aishwarya Kumari
4 Existential Exile: Identity, Escape and Ecstasy in Vladimir Nabokov’s Pnin Shiva Sharma & Dr.Lalitkishor Sharma
5 Challenging Stereotypes: Introspecting the Emotional Intelligence of the Characters of the Movie Thappad Elisha.I & Dr.Deepa Mary Francis
6 Socio - Cultural Impact and Behavioural Change of Children In Shane Dunphy’s Novel The Boy in The Cup Board Agalya.C.R & Dr.K.Rajkumar
7 Indian Children’s Literature Creates a Safe Space for Conversations on Hard Topics Grace P.Varghese
8 Aritifical Intelligence Evloution in the Select Novel of Philip K. Dick Sowmya.T
9 Decoding’s Role in Reading Fluency and Comprehension Abraham Patrick
10 தமிழில் நவீனத்துவத் திறனாய்வும் திறனாய்வாளர்களும் முனைவர் ந.இரத்தினக்குமார்
11 Colonization and Multi-culturalism in 16th Century: A Study of India’s Contribution to Development of Modern Medicinal Sciences Rewant Vikram Singh
12 Structure and Functions of Village Panchayat in Tamil Nadu and Kanniyakumari District N.Subhadra & Dr.S.Senthilkumar
13 Representing Atrocity of the Marginalised Class in Kiran Nagarkar’s Jasoda Amit Kumar
14 Wretched of the Earth: A Study of Dehumanization of Native and Anti-colonial Resistance in George Ryga’s Indian K.Nevedha Liz Gloria & S.Garret Raja Immanuel
15 Role of Culture and Language in Okonkwo’s World R.Showmya & R.Sinega
16 Marginalization of the Invisible Minorities in Mahesh Dattani’s Seven Steps Around The Fire Dr.K.Mangaiyarkarasi
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