Volume 2 | No. 1 | October 2017 | ISSN: 2456-5571

Table of Contents
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1 The Contradiction between Past Present and Future in Fictional Plots of George Orwell- A Critical Study Arif Rashid Shah & Dr. Alka Singh
2 Performance Evaluation of Entrepreneurs in Tirunelveli District – Tamil Nadu M. Fatima Rathy & Dr. K. Sathya Bama
3 Slavery's Destruction of Identity in Toni Morrison Dr. C.N. Baby Maheswari
4 Challenges and Problems of Fabric Industries in Tirupur District Dr. M. Mahalakshmi, V. Dhayalan & N. Manikandan
5 Khushwant Singh as Artist in Realism Dr. Anuradha & K. Deepa Rajyashree
6 A Study on Consumer Preference towards the Products of Amul Milk Products in Chennai D. Amirthavalli
7 Monetisation of Women's Unpaid Work – A Study of Tamilnadu N. Tamilarasi & Dr. T. Sudha
8 Customer Satisfaction of E-Banking in Coimbatore City Mrs. I. Punithavathi, Mr. S. Uthayan & Mr. V. Karthik
9 Post-Colonial Subalternity in Sivagami's The Grip of Change Shanthi L & Masilamani C
10 Effect of Inverted Yoga Practices and Brain Fitness Exercises on Interpersonal Communication of Coastal Area School Students Fr. Sinoj Joseph
11 Grounds for Christian-Muslim Dialogical Relations Lawrence Simon
12 An Analysis on Health Infrastructure in Mysuru District - India Nanjunda
13 Strategies to Enhance the Reading and Writing Skills of the Learners Divya Balachandran & Dr. Clara Bernadette Reshma
14 हिंदी भाषा, साहित्य और सिनेमा डाॅ. संजय राठोड
15 Exploring the Connect between Spirituality and Business Excellence Ms. Pallavi Manohar D.M & Dr. Shivani
16 Rare Application of Trees: Forensics Purposes K. Raja Saravana Kumar
17 Radical Re-Fashioning of Self in Githa Hariharan's When Dreams Travel Dr. P. Ilamaran
18 பாடசாலை மாணவர்களின் ஒழுக்க ரீதியான பிரச்சினைகள் வினைத்திறனான கற்றலில் ஏற்படுத்தும் தாக்கம் Miss. Jesuiya Dilani
19 From Patriarchy to Matriarchy: A New Social Order in Zaynab Alkali's The Descendants and the Initiates Usman Ambu Muhammad & Manimangai Mani
20 Balancing of Culture and Modernity: A Study of Chinua Achebe's Select Novels Dr. R. Geetha
21 Analysis of Nutrition and Reproductive Health Status of Tribal Women in Kancheepuram District P. Sujatha
22 Impact of Gulf Migration on Social Development of Muslim Community in Kerala Dr. A. Balakrishnan & Mohammed Ashraf Cheethanapuravan
23 Importance of Learning English Language Ms. K. Sharmila Jane
24 Alice Walker's Concept Of Womanism Poonam
25 Predicament the Exploitation of Women in "The Farm" by Chaman Arora Preeti Sharma
26 Dalit Life of 'Kammattipadam'; Quest through Visual Portrayal of Dalit Characters the Malayalam Movie 'Kammattipadam' Saneesh Kumar M K
27 Tamil Maratha Kings' Infrastructural, Cultural and Trade Contributions and It Impact on Growth of Urbanism in the 19th Century Thanjāvūr Dr. Usha R Vijailakshmi
28 A Study on Factors Influencing Stress among Women Entrepreneurs in Madurai District Dr. V. Vidya Chellam
29 Women as Victims: A Human Rights Perspective in Select Plays of Vijay Tendulkar Dr. S. Newton Raja
30 Hybridity in Willa Cather's Death Comes for Archbishop and Shadows on Rock Dr. K. Akilandeswari
31 Access to E-Resources / Web Resources in Digital Libraries for Development and Evaluation Dr. N. Kalpalatha
32 Pondichéry De Robert Challe Dr. C. Thirumurugan
33 Uniqueness of Traditional Family in Manju Kapur's Home Dr.P.Padmini & M.V.Arumugam
34 Impact of Archaeological Findings the Early History of Tamil Nadu Prof.T.Ramaswamy
35 Listening Comprehension: A Learner Centered Approach for the Acquisition of Second Language Dr.J.Anbazhagan Vijay
36 Export Performance of Special Economic Zones – An Analysis Dr.H.Sudhakara
37 Barriers in Availing Modern Communication Modes in Paniyan Tribe of Wayanad District Fr.Shibin.P.James & Dr.P.Rajendran
38 An Analysis into the Concept of Materialism in Western Philosophical Perspectives A.Irudayaraj
39 Mn Doped CdS Thin Films by using Chemical Bath Deposition Technique Nalini & S.Paul Mary Deborrah
40 Avidyā – Boon or Bane in Yogic Endeavour Swami Viswanathan & Dr.K.S.Balasubramanian
41 கல்வி பற்றிய மார்க்ஸிய நோக்கு – ஒரு மெய்யியல் பகுப்பாய்வு ஐ. எல்எம். மாஹிர்
42 நவீன உளவியல் பரப்பில் காரள் யுங்கினது பகுப்பு உளவியல் சிந்தனையின் எழுச்சி – ஓர் உளவியல் நோக்கு ஐ. எல்எம். மாஹிர்
43 தன்னிலை (Subject) உருவாக்கத்தில் செயற்படும் அடையாளங்களும் வேறுபாடுகளும்: ஒரு மெய்யியல் பகுப்பாய்வு கே.எல்.பாத்திமா நப்லா
44 Impoverishing Trends that Deprive Human Dignity: Derivatives from Listening to People in Poverty R.Kumaran & Roopa Hari
45 Acquisition of Grammarat the Tertiary Level of Engineering Stakeholders Dr.B.Jeyanthi
46 A Study on Eco-Tourism in Kodaikanal – A Tourist Hilresort in Tamil Nadu N.Jeyakumar
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