Volume 8 | No.1 | October 2023 | ISSN: 2456-5571

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Table of Contents
1 Learning, Researching, and Teaching of English through Asian Literature: A Discourse Analytical Perspective with Special Reference to Refugee Literature Dr.J.S.Rohan Savarimuttu
2 Poetic Communication Dr.Geeta Lakhotra & Dr.Kuldeep Singh
3 Impact of Smartphone Penetration on Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Streaming in Kashmir Manzoor Ahmad Dar, Ekta Mahajan & Dheerika Sharma
4 Assertion of Ethnicity in Wole Soyinka’s The Lion and the Jewel - A Postcolonial Study P.Kannan
5 Exploring Naga Identity through Memory in Easterine Kire’s Mari Neha Chauhan & Dr.Tamishra Swain
6 Exploring Female Agency in Mitali Perkin’s Rickshaw Girl Vibuti Sati & Tamishra Swain
7 Deconstruction and the New Hermeneutic: Towards a Transcultural Literary Interpretation P. Poongundran & Dr.Venkataramana Rao
8 'Oru Paisa Tamizhan' and the Dravidian Buddhist Identity of Pandit Iyothee Thass Kathiravan.A
9 Multiculturalism and its Impact in Bharathi Mukherjee’s Wife T.Abirami & Dr.P.Kiruthika
10 De-Mythification in Girish Karnad’s Yayati – A Study P.Kannan
11 Critiquing The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie S.Sujitha & V.Ravi Naidu
12 Lives of Individuals Aftermath of Partition in Where Did I Leave My Purdah? Chakala Chandrika Pavani & Kolakaluri Sumakiran
13 Unveiling an Apsara’s Agency and Empowerment in Kavita Kane's Menaka’s Choice Dodla Sai Kavyasree & V.Ravi Naidu
14 Landscaping of History and Religion in Kiran Nagarkar’s Cuckold and Namita Gokhale’s Things to Leave Behind Novels Gadi Deepika & P.Kusuma Harinath
15 Evolution of Agro-Based Industries in India Dr.A.Kumudha
16 Of Duty and Decision for the Land: A Critical Study of Pijush Raut's The Soldier as Intertext of Asim Duttaroy's The Play of Life and Death and Samarjit Singha's Map Tirthankar Laskar
17 Translating Shakespeare’s Hamlet into Indian Context Dr.Poonam Matkar
18 The Image of Women in Tamil Literary Works Dr.G.Krishnakumari
19 Symbolism in the Poems of Walt Whitman: Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking and When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d Dr.Lowleen Malhotra
20 Arun Joshi: An Existential Novelist Dr.N.Jayappa
21 Sacrilege In UR Ananthamurthy’s Samsaka - A Study Bharati H.Gani & P.Kannan
22 Devanooru Mahadeva's Kusumabale as a Collage Novel Bharati H.Gani & P.Kannan
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