Volume 3 | No. 3 | April 2019 | ISSN: 2456-5571

Table of Contents
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1 Thirst for Independence in Nayantara Sahgal’s Prison and Chocolate Cake N.Gunasekaran
2 Significance of Information and Communication Technology in English Language Teaching J.Deborah Jackline
3 A Thematic Study on Edgar Albert Guest’s Poem The Stick Together Families Dr.C.N.Baby Maheswari
4 Irrigation as a Social Responsibility, A Case Study of Kakatiya Period Dr.Gugulothu Ravi
5 Questioning Binaries: On Overlooking Culture and Postgenderism J.Reshma Roseline
6 Conflict of Self in Shashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds no Terror and Margaret Laurence’s a Jest of God E M.Nanthini
7 The Essence of Love-Elements in Marital Commitments, and the Ordained Mixtures of Essential Tranquillity Dr.Mrs.P.J.Jeba Regis
8 Analysis of the Calcutta Chromosome Dr.J.Vijayalakshmi
9 Language: A Significant Social and Cultural Marker of Identity K.Lakshmi Priya
10 Nature as Monster: Ecological Gothic and Biopolitical Uncannyinamitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide B.Silviya
S.Garret Raja Immanuel
11 An Analysis of Feminism in Bapsi Sidhwa’s The Pakistani Bride S.Vishnupriya
12 Beauty in Identity: Dual Definition of Identity of Padmini in Hayavadana and Jasmine in Jasmine R.Reeshma
K.A.Amith Kumar
13 Entrepreneurial Impacts of Informal Fast Food: Consumer Perception on Junk Food Sector in Chidambaram Town M.Jothilakshmi
14 Reading between the Panels: A Closer Look at the Components of Graphic Novels S.Manoj
15 Ethnic Crisis and Queerness a Study of Shyamselvadurai’s Funny Boy Sindhuja Balamurugan
16 Exposure of Harsh Reality of Modern Living in the Never, Never, Nest Dr.C.N.Baby Maheswari
Fatma Ahmed Mohamed El Hassan
17 Problems Faced by Entrepreneurs in Small Scale Industries in Bodinayakanur Taluk, Theni District Dr.S.Balamurugan
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